Monday, April 30, 2012

Create an Altar for Your Shamanic Practice

An altar is a sacred space you create in your home, office, and wherever see fit. It is a space that you commune with when you desire to get more in touch with the Goddess and Great divine. At the altar, you may wish to pray, meditate, chant, etc. Your altar is a reflection of your devotion to the Goddess, so take care of it.

It can be simple or complex, large or small, create it with love and things that move you as a spirit. These are some suggestion of what you can use to create your altar:

a.Pictures (of yourself, family, Goddesses, etc.)
b.symbols, talismans, jewels
c.feathers (for air)
d.crystals (for earth)
e.incense holder or burner
f.candles (for fire) of water (to be replaced daily)
i.bells (to encourage abundance)
k.Goddess Figurines
l.Ceremonial bowl

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