Monday, April 30, 2012

Ceremonies & Rituals

With Ritual, we create ceremony. Both ritual and ceremony are used to mark an occasion, rite of passage, transition, or event. It can be used to mark an ending or beginning, to ask for blessings or to release something from our lives. A great way to honor the divine is to hold ceremonies during the new or full moon to offer her thanks, asked for blessings for one’s self or another, and to use intention to release and clear your space. Here is a basic structure you can use. Be creative and change it to fit your needs.

( )Purification -
clear yourselves and the space with sage or incense

( )Casting the Circle –
Psychically and with sound, intend on a circle of white light protecting you and the entire space

( )Invoking the Directions, Elements, and Earth Mother -
Ask them to be present in your circle

( )Drawing Down the Full Moon –
This can be done of full moon nights. Ask the energy of the moon to fill your circle.

( )The Charge of the Goddess –
Ask the Great Mother to keep you divinely protected and guided throughout the ritual and always.

( )Invocation / Purpose of Ritual –
What do you want to accomplish?

( )Raising The Energy and Power –
This can be done with drumming, dance, singing, chanting, etc.

( )Meditation

( )Body of the Ritual

( )Self- Blessings –
Ask the Great mother to bless your health, body, spirit, life, work, etc

( )Grounding (after) –
Breathe deeply. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Intend on being present in your body.

( )Opening the Circle & Giving Thanks to all involved –
Thank the earth, the directions, elements, any spirit guides you might have invited, and thank the Great Mother

( )Endings with Hugs, food, drink, dance, and celebration

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